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NB: You will receive 2 emails, one with your course code and one to start the on-line process (Scottish applicants will receive a phone call to process your application.)
Please contact AP4U for guidance:
07825 879 513 or email admin@ap4u.co.uk

“AP4U’s work with our organisation has made a significant difference in what we can now offer our clients. We’ve been able to reach areas of the business we could not reach before thanks to the dedication and hard work of AP4U. We’ve seen a difference in activity since we were able to offer a variety of courses to our clients. The diversity of the courses mean we now have something for every part of our organisation.”
I hope this does justice to the great work AP4U does, Best wishes 

Nationally recognised accredited Level 2 QCF/NVQ qualifications delivered as short courses currently available at NO COST. 100% on-line tutor supported learning now available.

Work is completed in your own time either via a work book or on-line and with a dedicated 1-1 tutor so does not disturb business. You are given 8 weeks (ish) to complete the work and you can work at your own pace so can finish within the 8 weeks if you prefer to. We have a 94% completion rate for these courses and our delivery team have been rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED for learners on this flexible learning provision.

If you reside in England please see below subjects currently available. Please click the green ‘click here to apply’ button to take you to a precheck page to see what is available to you with our delivery partners Learning Curve. If you reside in Scotland please click here.

This is 100% on-line distance learning from registration through to your learning.


  • You do not need to be employed to complete these qualifications – these are NO COST if you are unemployed, a volunteer, parent or carer as well as employed.
  • You do need a copy of ID (driving license, passport) this is the funding rules in order to keep this NO COST
  • No cost for age 19+ and has resided in EU/UK for last 3 years and not in full time education.
  • If you cannot find the course code: when you select the course, the course code is the four digits after the course name as shown below. It is these four digits that need to be entered into the course code field.

course example

  • If you have any queries whilst completing the form, there is a live chat facility that will put you in contact with customer care who can help. There is a purple icon on the bottom right of the screen that says “chat now” and you can type a message in there, or please come back to us at: email admin@ap4u.co.uk or tel 07825 879 513


We currently have 100% NO COST funding for all locations in Scotland. In Scotland if you are age 17+ & lived in the UK/EU for the last 3 years and not previously completed these subjects, you will be 100% NO COST.

Please click the link to take you to a pre check page to see what is available to you available to you with our delivery partners West College Scotland:

  • Mental Health First Aid & Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace – more details >>>
  • Counselling Diploma Level 3more details >>>
  • Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences more details >>>
  • Creating a Business Start-Upmore details >>>
  • Digital Skills L2 – Care
  • Digital Skills L2 – Engineering
  • Digital Skills L2 – Logistics
  • Digital Skills L2 – Business
  • Understanding Domestic Abusemore details >>>

NB: Please contact AP4U for any guidance required:
07825 879 513 or email admin@ap4u.co.uk