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Apprenticeships and funded training


“We have been working with AP4U for the past 3 years or so. They have never failed keeping in contact and up to date with the latest opportunities relevant to my team and the general staff at our company. They have always been keen to ensure there is funding available for individuals to receive training at no cost they have also organised the registration process from start to finish, keeping me informed every step of the way.

AP4U are always on hand if I needed any support or had any questions, being a phone call or email away. I have built a strong relations with AP4U along the way and I am happy that I have had the pleasure of working with AP4U on this journey.”

We have a passion for education, work based learning and for maximising government funding for training.

SandrahSandrah has always worked in staff development, recruitment and training and has accumulated significant knowledge of the funded training sector over this time. Her focus has always been equally to support employers with training and development and their staff with the same. She is passionate about up-skilling, further education, personal development and spreading the word about work based learning and all the benefits it can bring to business.

The employers and learners Sandrah was working with wanted somewhere they could find out about the various government funding opportunities. They needed a quick and easy ‘one-stop’ point of reference that could keep them up to date with new funded qualification opportunities and also to help them to navigate through the government funded training process. The seed that was to become AP4U was sown.

GrahamGraham has been a General Manager in the commercial businesses sector for over 30 years working overseas and in the UK and understands that government funded training will give businesses more control of the bottom line.

He is committed to staff development and has the knowledge and first-hand experience to know that by supporting your staff to develop and achieve, they stay with your business, are loyal and reliable and feel valued as an essential part of your team.

Supporting staff development equals improved staff retention and a happy workforce who have the knowledge their employer values them and is supporting them to progress to be the very best they can be.

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