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Apprenticeships and funded training


“We have been working with AP4U for the past 3 years or so. They have never failed keeping in contact and up to date with the latest opportunities relevant to my team and the general staff at our company. They have always been keen to ensure there is funding available for individuals to receive training at no cost they have also organised the registration process from start to finish, keeping me informed every step of the way.

AP4U are always on hand if I needed any support or had any questions, being a phone call or email away. I have built a strong relations with AP4U along the way and I am happy that I have had the pleasure of working with AP4U on this journey.”

Our vision and values are at the core of everything that we do and everything that we represent. They are at the forefront of our decision making process for every step we take along our journey as our business grows and continues to evolve.

Our Mission:
To provide vocational education and training programmes to a wide range of employers and learners and by using available government funding we aim to do this and ensure BEST VALUE by maximising funding available to you.

To engage with employers and learners to identify their training needs, and then work with them to inspire and innovate with the aim to provide effective, flexible and high quality training.

To introduce our employer and learners to programmes that enable learners to achieve and progress and employers to continue to prosper and develop.

Our Vision:
To introduce opportunities to all employers and learners in the work place through funded learning and personal development.

To inform, inspire, innovate.

To provide quality advice and guidance to enable our employers and learners to develop by maximizing available government funding and progressing while ensuring BEST VALUE.

Our Core Values:
Learners are at the centre of everything we do…we are driven by the desire to provide opportunities for personal and professional development for our learners.

Committed to delivering quality advice and guidance. Employer and learner focused. Open and honest.

Committed to engaging with employers and learners to inform and advise how to access available government funding.

Committed to collaboration – the partnership approach -­‐ we continually strive to deliver excellence through our strategic partnerships.

Committed to continually seeking to improve our service…we are passionate about the need to continually explore ways to improve what we do for the benefit of our employers and learners.

Committed to doing the right thing… we always endeavour to be open, honest and fair in our dealings with employers, learners and strategic partners.

Our Key Objectives:

  1. To engage with employers and learners and to inform, advise and guide regarding all matters on funded learning
  2. To continue to evolve and constantly update and add to our portfolio of available funded qualifications
  3. To provide high quality support, advice and guidance to all our employers, learners and partner organisations
  4. To continue to make a positive contribution to our employers and their staff development and the local community
  5. To be constantly mindful of delivering a quality service to all in our strategic partnership operation

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