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Apprenticeships and funded training


Read what our employers are saying about us:

“AP4U keep us regularly informed about funding to ensure our team has the opportunity to complete various training at no cost. AP4U in my opinion are very helpful with what they do and are on hand to help at any time”
Barleycroft Care Home

“I am the main contact with AP4U and we quickly developed a good working relationship. They provided me with plenty of information and assurances, especially as we had some unfortunate experiences with other training providers in the past. However, AP4U has been extremely helpful in answering any queries. The process of singing up staff for training has always been easy and the assessors have been very supportive to the staff for the duration of the course. We have been extremely impressed with the service provided.”
Aston Grange


AP4U is the one-stop shop point of reference for employers and their staff to go to when navigating through the minefield that is government funding for staff training. You may know there is funding available, but how to get it, how it works and how to make best use of it is another thing.

Government fundingCONTACT AP4U and we will advise you how. We will guide you through the process and ensure you have the opportunity to use funding so your existing staff as well as your new recruits can achieve job relevant qualifications while ensuring BEST VALUE and maximizing available government funding.

We offer flexible training delivery solutions including:

  • QCF/NVQ Short courses: 1 – 5 days
  • QCF/NVQ vocational only delivered over
    @ 3-6 months
  • Full QCF/NVQ Apprenticeship qualifications delivered over 12-18 months

We are continually evolving and adding to our portfolio of available qualification subjects & frameworks.

Please CONTACT US for details or go to our QUALIFICATIONS tab now.

Employers government funding What are the benefits to the employer? In addition to eager, motivated staff who are committed to on the job training and development, industry research has highlighted numerous benefits of additional qualifications for newly recruited Apprentices and also for training your existing workforce:

  • 92% of Employers who employ Apprentices believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce
  • 80% of Companies who invest in work place learning have reported a significant increase in employee retention
  • 77% of Employers believe Apprenticeships make them more competitive
  • 76% of those Employers who employ Apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive
  • 81% of Consumers favour using a company which takes on Apprentices
  • 83% of Employers who employ Apprentices rely on their Apprenticeships programme to provide the skilled workers that they need for the future
  • Apprenticeship programmes allow training to take part at the workplace with little disruption to business operations
  • Over three-quarters of respondents expect Apprenticeships to play a bigger part in their recruitment policy in the future

*Data compiled by the National Apprenticeship Service

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