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Apprenticeships and funded training


This is what our Learners are saying:

“As a learner with AP4U I have nothing but positive feedback. All my Assessor meetings are very good with clear outcomes of what is expected of me before our next meeting. I have nothing but praise for my Assessor who is very approachable and available to give advice whenever I need it even at short notice”.
Office Manager – Grapecroft.

“I have nothing but praise for the company as they are very professional with the learners needs. As a learner, I am very happy with the attention given to me in training sessions. Our tutor is very thorough and will always give up his time should you need it. As my teams mentor, I am also very happy with the level of attention other learners are getting. I am very happy with everyone’s progress, all in all and I look forward to completing the courses and possibly undergoing more.”
Team Leader – PDC BIG

“Many of our staff were wary of taking part in training courses especially when an “exam” was involved. However, every single staff member involved has described their experience as extremely positive, from induction through to assessment. Many of the team have been away from education for decades in some cases and were very proud to receive their certificates. Once again, a great experience, highly recommended.”
E M Richford Ltd

AP4U is the one-stop shop point of reference for employers and their staff (Learners) to go to when navigating through the minefield that is government funding. You may know there is funding available to you, but how to get it, how it works and how to make best use of it is another thing.

Government funding for learnersCONTACT AP4U and we will advise you how. We will guide you through the process and ensure you have the opportunity to use this funding so you can achieve job relevant qualifications while ensuring BEST VALUE and maximizing available government funding and help with your personal and professional development.

We have funding for all age groups of employed & volunteer staff::

  • 16-18 years, 19-23 years and 24+
  • You will have the opportunity to achieve nationally recognised accredited qualification
  • CONTACT US now or go to our QUALIFICATIONS page to see the range available
  • Please ask if you have something particular in mind

What are the benefits for you?

  • You could achieve GCSE, A Level or Degree Level equivalent nationally recognised qualifications
  • Independent, friendly, confidential advice available to you at all times
  • Achieve these qualifications using available government funding. We come to see you at your place of work so no college after work in the evening or weekends and you can fit this around your work and life
  • You will increase your earning potential – The Office of National Statistics shows there is a link between what you can earn in your lifetime and further education achievements
  • You will work 1-1 with your Assessor with our full support, advice and guidance
  • Short qualifications delivered over 1-5 days / 6-12 weeks
  • Full Apprenticeships qualifications delivered over 12-18 months
  • We are continually evolving and adding to our portfolio of available qualification subjects & frameworks

The Government Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) say:
Statistics show that completing learning and training is proven to increase job satisfaction, achieves better job security, improves future pay and promotion prospects and improves the chance of taking on a job with greater responsibilities. It also stated that learners achieved an increase in their average earnings.

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