Level 1 Employability & Personal Development qualification

We are pleased to add this very useful qualification to our range. With the support of tutors you will be able to achieve this in a short time (approx. 6 weeks) with 2/3 meetings with the tutor more available if needed.

Each learners’ qualification can be unique to them as you select units which are appropriate to suit your needs ie Personal Development and/or employability. Please click on QCF SHORT COURSE QUALS for more details and summary of the qualification content.

Briefly this includes:

  • Planning for education, training or work;
  • Planning for personal development;
  • Improving confidence;
  • Interpersonal & Self-Management skills;
  • Searching for a job;
  • Preparing for an interview;
  • CV Writing;
  • Time Management;
  • Health & Safety in the workplace

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